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Gem's 30-day detox challenge is here

  • 2 min read

Gem's 30-day detox challenge is here

Spring has SPRUNG! And you know what that means… spring cleaning! Rather than just tidy up the house, we see Spring as the perfect time to DETOX your house, your body and your mind. We’ve created a 30-day challenge to help you on your way and move towards a life free of toxins. And we’re not just talking about toxic chemicals. We’re also here to shakeup toxic habits and toxic behaviours. We know you have a lot going on, so these tips are designed to help you make smart, small steps. To help kick you into gear, turn up the tunes and make it feel like a little party. Check out our playlist to get you in the mood!

Gem's 30-day detox challenge is here


This doesn’t have to be hard or soul-destroying. Instead, we’re talking about making small changes to a healthier lifestyle. Try switching coffee for green juice, swapping refined carbs for whole grains, going meat-free 1-2 days a week, saying no to sugar whenever you can, and adding some probiotics into the mix on the regular. Once you start making a habit of these healthy choices, they become second nature. It’s a virtuous cycle that’s worth kicking into gear! 


There’s a lot of toxins lurking in all sorts of unsuspecting products, including your toothpaste! Start by tossing out chemical-ridden makeup, skincare and cleaning products. You can also use this as a chance to get rid of expired skincare and cosmetic products too. The average lifespan of common bathroom products is: fragrance 8-10 years, mascara 3 months, foundation 6-12 months, blush 2 years, nail polish 1-2 years and lipstick 1 year.  Finally, choose natural toothpaste (like our little baby Gem), organic tampons, natural cleaning products and unbleached toilet paper. And don’t forget to toss out those chemical-laden air-fresheners and pick up a candle instead!


This one can be hard, but it’s oh-so-worth-it. Turn off push notifications, limit yourself to no more than 20 minutes a day with social media and delete any old apps you no longer use. If you’re really feeling bold, set aside some phone-free time each day. You can start small and up it to longer and longer stretches of time. Breaking this unhealthy codependency will give you more clarity and more control over your life, help you live more in the moment and move you closer to the things that bring you happiness.


This is your chance to get all Marie Kondo on your life! Go through each room, each cupboard and wardrobe and get rid of the things that no longer bring you joy. The items we choose to keep around us are an extension of what we value and the self-love and respect we have for ourselves. Keep things neat, keep things you love and you’ll be amazed by the lightness and clarity it brings! Double the good vibes by donating anything you no longer want.

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