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Get the Gem Glow

  • 2 min read

Get the Gem Glow

Transform & brighten your smile in just 10 days, and receive a complimentary pen too!

On the road to pearly whites, brushing will only get you so far. Just like you, we’ve got a thing for white teeth, which set us on the path to developing our mighty little whitening pen. We are super proud of our low-sensitivity dentistry darling, made with food grade Hydrogen Peroxide to brighten teeth and gently clean tooth enamel, without the irritation. 

With our whitening warrior in your pocket, it’s your turn to take the Gem Glow Challenge and say hello to your brightest smile yet. In just ten minutes a day, our small but mighty Coconut Mint Whitening Pen will transform your smile. 


Step 1. Grab yourselves one of our trusty Whitening Pens

Step 2. Take a ‘before’ photo of your teeth. That’s right, at dawn on day 1, take a snap and standby: a transformation is coming!

Step 3. Apply your Gem pen evenly all over your chompers. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes, for 10 days straight. The Gem team like to think of this time as part of our sacred #selfcare night-time routines, so after each treatment, we recommend settling in with your choice of binge-worthy Netflix!

Step 4. On day 10, take an ‘after’ snap of your sparking white smile.

Step 5. Once you’ve stopped staring obsessively and your gleaming grill, send the before and after pictures to

Need more motivation than a blindingly bright smile? Not only will your teeth transform after 10 days of use, you will also get your next pen on us with your next purchase.   

So if you’re ready to transform your smile, join our Gem Glow Challenge today. We’re ready to see you shine!