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Lucky you, you're actually seeing the good stuff! The green particles floating around is Chlorophyll – a completely natural, plant derived ingredient that makes our mouthwash so damn special.

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Most toothpastes on the market contain questionable ingredients in terms of long-term safety. The sepotentially harmful chemicals include sodium lauryl sulphate (sls), titanium dioxide and triclosan. The effects of ingesting these man-made materials in the longer term is not well known or understood.  

Until there is further data on the long-term health effects of these ingredients, regulation of these materials will most likely not be undertaken. This will most likely change at some point, in the same way the fda now bans the use of triclosan in antibacterial hand wash product, despite it still being able to live in toothpaste. Unfortunately, the regulators often move more slowly than the science.

For more information about what is lurking in your toothpaste then please visit the Nasty Nine.

Gem toothpaste is made up of naturally derived ingredients taken from plant and mineral origins.

Absolutely. Children’s toothpaste normally has a lower level of fluoride because of the greater risk of potential toxicity in children. Since gem avoids the use of fluorides entirely, we are safe for junior brushers.

The hydroxyapatite and calcium active are specially designed for efficient enamel remineralisation. These two ingredients works together to create stronger, whiter and shinier teeth.

Gem is a scientifically proven combination of functional ingredients that optimise teeth cleaning. We use naturally derived surfactants and abrasives to help remove plaque build-up - a cornerstone of great oral health. The probiotic and an acid regulator included in gem help to reduce further damaging plaque generation in between cleans.

Gem is not specifically designed for the immediate treatment of sensitive teeth. However, the remineralisation effect of our active hydroxyapatite will improve the tooth enamel over time. This surface tooth repair should have longer term beneficial effects and help reduce teeth sensitivity.

Sodium lauryl sulphate (sls) is a foaming surfactant. It helps clean the teeth by lowering the surface tension of water, helping displace particulates and penetrate in between teeth to wash out difficult to reach food. Sls however is a high risk irritant in the mouth. It can cause inflammation leading to sores and other reactions. In gem we have replaced the sls with a more mild foaming agent derived from natural coconut oil, keeping the same effective clean without the irritation potential.

Triclosan is an antibacterial agent commonly used in some toothpastes for a long lasting effect. Until recently is was also used frequently in antibacterial hand washes, however the fda placed has now  banned its in that application as conclusive evidence could not be produced to prove it wasn’t a long term health concern. As there is still ongoing concern about being a potential carcinogen triclosan should certainly be something to avoid putting in your mouth, not just on your skin.

Titanium dioxide is simply a pigment used to make your toothpaste look shiny and white in colour. It serves no functional purpose and is entirely unnecessary. It has potentially harmful effects if it penetrates your gums and seeps into the bloodstream, so we leave it out altogether.

There are no genetically modified ingredients in the gem toothpaste.

Gem is naturally coloured by its functional ingredients. We avoid the likes of titanium dioxide and other colouring agents.The fresh mint flavour comes from a natural peppermint oil, nothing artificial.

Gem contains specialised silica, with a natural origin. The particle size and shape have been specifically selected to provide the right amount of cleaning to effectively remove surface stains from teeth, without damaging the enamel. The remineralisation effect of the Hydroxyapatite further improves the colouring and smoothness of the tooth’s surface.

Our main active ingredients to fight tooth decay and prevent cavities are a unique combination of hydroxyapatite and calcium – the same material as our natural tooth enamel.

Instead of using fluoride to reinforce the structure of the tooth surface, restoration is achieved using an organic approach, with the main components remineralising the teeth’s enamel. This leads to an improvement in the tooth hardness, whiteness and a smoother surface.

Hydroxyapatite is proven to remineralise and restore tooth enamel without the controversy.

Billions of bacteria occur with the human digestive system. They perform crucial functions that are essential to a healthy body. The need for healthy bacteria is not limited to your gut, it is also extremely important to have a healthy microbial environment in your mouth.

Probiotics are good bacteria that perform certain functions depending on the strain. The probiotic in gem is called lactobacillus salivarius and is specialised in maintaining a healthy oral microbiome balance.

We are constantly introducing different foods into mouths and with that comes potentially damaging bacteria left behind. Cavities and tooth decay are a direct result of acid produced by bacteria. Regular cleaning with gem will not only remove the bad bacteria but can help to tip the balance back in our favour,  by depositing the good probiotics back in the mouth.

The probiotics in gem deposit onto the teeth during the brushing process, preventing the bad, acid-producing bacteria from getting a hold, leaving a healthier mouth throughout the day.

Gem is alcohol-free.

Gem toothpaste is ideal to assist in keeping gums healthy. Our added probiotic especially helps provide a better oral microbial environment for both teeth and gums.