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Gem's travel essentials

  • 1 min read

Gem's travel essentials

Heading to Europe? To an interstate wedding? Or just a winery weekend away with the girls? Whatever travel stints lie ahead, we all know one of the best acts of preparation is a solid packing list. Here’s how to prep your oral care overnighters (or long-hauls) like a pro. 


Gem’s Terry Towelling Bag

Stow away your toiletries — from tampons to toothpaste — in this plus pink travel-friendly bag. Super spacious and squishy, you’ll be able to fit all the essentials and retain some adorable aesthetic style.


Mini Moment

This mighty duo will come in handy when your partner or bestie inevitably forgets to pack their toothpaste. You’ll be everyone’s saving grace with a pint-sized pair of Gem’s Triple Whitening Fluoride Toothpastes. 


Core Collection

For the full shebang, there’s no going past this one-stop oral care bundle. It’s everything you need for an overachieving AM and PM routine, from whitening and brightening to remineralising your precious tooth enamel. Perfection.