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Date Night Essentials

  • 2 min read

Date Night Essentials

Pssst. If you haven’t heard, we just launched an all-new refreshing breath spray. *chef’s kiss* Date night may be right around the corner; whether you wanted to go all out on an anniversary dinner, or lay low at home snuggling by the tv, we have some epic recommendations on how you can shake up date night and try something new as well! 

Saturday the Label:

Feel fine whilst you’re wined and dined with a gorgeous piece of lingerie. Transform into a suit of sensuality and sexiness and see your confidence skyrocket in a set from Saturday the Label. Whether its date night with your significant other or a night solo, Saturday the Label sets the standards high as the luxurious gift of the night. 


Jimmy Brings:

Picture this: your date fancy’s a glass of bubbly, so you search your space and there is none to be found. Don’t freak out that you forgot to ask what their favourite beverage was before the date, just play it cool and pop a bottle on demand. Jimmy Brings is perfect for those night’s in, or when you’re running late and don’t have time to pop to the bottle-o. As the name suggests, they bring alcohol straight to your door within 30 minutes, with a selection that is sure to tickle anyone’s tastebuds. 



Who doesn’t love flowers?! On date-night?! On demand?! We sure do! And it’s a baller move to rock up on a date with a fresh bouquet of flowers or send it straight their door the day before with LVLY’s delivery service as a sweet reminder. You can’t go wrong with flowers to make that special someone smile. 


By Boys Co.:

On those more sensual date nights, where the physical spark is off the charts, why not try some at home massages to get the senses screaming? The Get Naked Body and Massage oil by By Boys Co. offers a premium body oil for those more intimate occasions, perfect for either date night or a session of self-love.

Hampers with Bite

Sometimes, you just cannot be bothered putting in effort for date night. Either it’s stormy outside, thinking about drinking at a bar gives you a headache, or reading off a menu makes you indecisive, why not just stay at home and have everything come to you?! Hampers with Bite offer a Date Night In Hamper, inclusive of all that you need to still make date night feel special whilst snuggled up next to your loved one.


Rent that Designer:

This one is for the guys and gals who love a date night out on the town. Whether it’s dinner at Itchi Ni Izakaya, drinks at the Espy or when the clock strikes midnight at Electric, we have the perfect suggestion for you. Rent that designer is a rental platform on Instagram that stocks top of the range designer outfits for a fraction of the cost and are on the ready to keep you feeling fancy all night long. Got a cupboard full of clothes but nothing to wear? Then rent a dress to impress!