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Mint Mouthwash

Gem is the alcohol free mouthwash that loves your mouth's biome.

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An important part of your daily ritual, feel fresh and detoxified with a swish of Crisp Mint mouthwash. Our formulation is free of alcohol and full of scientifically-proven natural wonders like Propolis and Neem for a happy, healthy smile. 

Help good bacteria thrive, with this dentist-backed formulation. Housed in fully recyclable packaging, our Crisp Mouthwash is good for the planet and great for your mouth.

Size: 500ml

*All Gem products are free of the Nasty Nine, including parabens, triclosan, SLS and BS.

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Our formula is free of alcohol and toxins found in regular mouthwash that nuke all bacteria, the food and the bad. Instead, we contain scientifically proven, natural wonders like neem, propolis and chlorophyll that help good bacteria thrive and promote a healthy oral microbiome.

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