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We’re a small company, but doing the right thing is…everything. Here’s a few ways we’re making inroads into making personal care that cares for the earth our thing.

Carbon Neutrality

We partner with Trace to help offset our carbon footprint. It’s simple, we tell them all the things we do, from manufacturing toothpaste, to how many desks we have at the office, to how we get our toothpaste to Mecca; then they help us calculate our emissions. We then offset our emissions by helping to fund Trace projects both locally and internationally, including land restoration, preventing deforestation and enhancing biodiversity. Offsetting is a low impact, short term action we can take today, however, it’s not enough. We are currently looking across our entire supply chain to see how we can reduce our impact further.

Recyclable Boxes

Anytime you receive a box of Gem products, you can rest assured that our mailer box contains 49% recycled materials and is recyclable through curb side recycling. So, please toss it in the recycling bin when you’re finished and give it a chance to come back around!

Local Suppliers

Our toothpaste, whitening pen, mouthwash and breath spray are made right here in Australia. Not only is this good for our local economy, itmeans your oral care essentials don’t have to travel huge distances to make their way to you, therefore reducing our carbon footprint. 

Gem are corporate partners of the DHAA, Dental Hygienists Association of Australia