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Hello Hydroxyapatite
Goodbye Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity, or dental hypersensitivity, happens when your mouth reacts badly to external elements, like food, drinks or even tooth brushing. This means pain can strike after eating an ice-cream, sipping a hot drink or even biting into something acidic, like an orange. This sharp stabbing pain affects 44% of Australian households.

What causes tooth sensitivity?

Dental hypersensitivity happens when the gums pull away from the gum line, leaving the Dentin exposed. Dentin is made up of tiny pores, called dentinal tubes, which lead directly to Dental pulp. This is the softest tissue found at the very centre of your tooth – and it’s packed full of nerves and blood vessels. When enamel is removed, dentinal tubule nerves endings are exposed and hot, cold and acidic foods and drinks can hurt.

How does Hydroxyapatite help sensitive teeth?

Hydroxyapatite works to effectively reduce teeth sensitivity. The mighty compound works by plugging the exposed dentin tubules with little deposits of Hydroxyapatite. Better still, Hydroxyapatite has hydrating properties, so instead of numbing your nerves like traditional sensitivity agents (Potassium Nitrate), Hydroxyapatite attaches itself to the crown of your teeth to protect them. Think of it like a shield, protecting your teeth from exposure to painful triggers. Did someone say ice-cream?