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Melbourne’s new A-list: Young entrepreneurs making it big

The idea for GEM started when Geminder was modelling and noticed a shift in the beauty industry towards natural, clean products. She saw a gap in the personal care space around the mouth and teeth, which led to GEM.


How to start a successful beauty business, according to those who already have

"My number one piece of advice for someone wanting to start a beauty based business is to ensure there is a need for their product in the marketplace".


Meet the young entrepreneur who made the Rich List selling eco toothpaste after deciding she wanted to go chemical-free without risking a perfect white smile

In the last 12 months Georgia Geminder, 29, from Melbourne, Victoria has sold over 30,000 tooth whitening pens after launching her own natural oral health brand, Gem.


Meet Georgia Geminder | Founder & CEO of GEM Oral Care

I launched Gem in March of 2020 after noticing a gap in the market for chemical-free toothpaste that actually works. My initial goal was to make toothpaste natural and also trendy. 


The Best Teeth Whitening Products To Use For A Sparkling Smile

For those with sensitive teeth, this little gem (pun absolutely intended) packs quite a punch thanks to its food-grade hydrogen peroxide formula.


A growing list of the best independent Australian beauty brands

Former model Georgia Geminder was always obsessed with organic beauty and skincare, but when she began to think about the toxins that go into our mouths twice a day, she realised there was a gap in the market.

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Gem, a New Aussie-Made Toothpaste, is Free From Synthetic Nasties and Comes in Four Minty Flavours

These probiotic toothpastes are chemical-free, but full of plant-based ingredients to strengthen teeth, kill bacteria and foam up nicely, just like the regular stuff. And soon, they’ll be stocked at Mecca.


Best New Beauty Products To Try June

Honestly, I forgot how great whitening pens are – touch-ups in the bathroom after your morning coffee is exactly what we all need. Whats more to love? This pen is made with low levels of food grade hydrogen peroxide proving gentle and natural without irritation.


Level-up your beauty Shelfie with this new mecca product for serious~soft girl~vibes

When it comes to Instagram’s oh-so-popular beauty shelfies sweeping our feed— serums, sprays, and stylish pots are top of mind for curating the perfect viral pic and showcase an enviable collection.


Add This Game-Changing Non-Toxic Product To Your Morning Routine

We’re guilty of spending a large portion of our paychecks on exxy beauty products and various potions and serums guaranteed to make us feel and look freaking fabulous. 


Chomp, Brush and Spit: Aussie Dental Brand Gem Releases Easy-Peasy Toothpaste Bites

Bite down and these minty chunks turn into regular toothpaste, flavoured entirely with plant-based ingredients. And they come in reusable containers, so you’re not chucking out plastic tubes every couple of months.


Shine Up Your Pearly Whites On The Go With These Sustainable Toothpaste Bites

While you might have your hair, skin and nails in check with the best organic options on the market, we want to turn your attention to gem, a probiotic-rich and non-toxic toothpaste that’s here to upgrade your oral care routine. 


The wellness industry is coming for your teeth

For most of us, tooth-brushing is like washing the dishes: it’s just one of our daily chores. Now, the humdrum activity is being reframed as an act of self-care, with businesses using the seductive language of the wellness and beauty industries.

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Rich Listers’ daughter sets out to shake up toothpaste

Ms Geminder is sinking her entrepreneurial teeth into this “daggy category” via Gem, a company she created to make a range of toothpastes and other products that replace harsh chemicals with natural alternatives.

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Botanical Brushing; The New Wave Of Australian Natural Toothpaste Brands

The first toothpaste to contain oral probiotics, the Gem range spotlights natural minerals and plant oils, with a standout product being the mouthwash; formulated with neem, propolis, and chlorophyll, it helps promote total mouth health and encourage a healthy oral microbiome.

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Natural Cinnamon Toothpaste Exists If You Want To Smell & Taste Like A Donut 24/7

Aussie company Gem has just launched Cinnamon Mint toothpaste – a natural toothpaste that is completely free of toxic ingredients, full of probiotics and most importantly, tastes as though you’ve just scored a free donut after going grocery shopping with mum at your local supermarket in 2004.

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We Asked 20 People What Simple Change They Made to Be More Eco-Friendly

“I try to shop vintage where I can, and I avoid fast fashion!” —Georgia Geminder Founder of GEM Oral Care


At-Home Teeth Whitening Products For A Blinding White Smile

If you’re looking for a more natural option, Gem whitening pen ($20) could be your best bet. With a close to five star rating on the MECCA website, this pen is formulated with food-grade hydrogen peroxide and natural ingredients like coconut and mint to provide gentle brightening. Apply, leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse.


Not sponsored, just good: Beauty products we tried and loved in June

I’d tried natural toothpastes before, and wasn’t impressed - but the offering from Gem changed that. The brand is Australian owned and made, all products are free from the 'nasty nine' but most interestingly they also contain probiotics to help gut health.


Meet The New Trends In… Toothpaste? How oral care became the new self-care

Geminder, a 29-year-old former model, was living in Los Angeles when she noticed a “huge movement against fluoride in toothpaste, but I couldn’t find a non-fluoride toothpaste that had replaced the fluoride with anything.”


4 of the Best Natural Toothpastes for an Eco-Friendly Grin

Gem's teeth whitening range uses a combination of sodium bicarbonate and silica to whiten teeth naturally, while all of its toothpaste integrates hydroxyapatite, which is a safe and proven remineralising agent.