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natural oral care you can recommend with confidence.

Whether your patients prefer natural options, are cancer patients who need natural, or perioral dermatitis sufferers looking for an effective solution, Gem is natural oral care you can stand behind.

We’ve replaced fluoride with hydroxyapatite; a natural compound proven to remineralise teeth, without the controversy. We’re full of earth minerals and natural oils. We’re entirely free of the Nasty 9. We include an oral probiotic, Lactobacillus Salivarius, to promote a healthy oral microbiome.

We’d love you to try Gem.

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meet the dentists

Meet the Dentist: Dr Madeline Duff

As a kid, I had a lot of dental work. I am actually missing a front tooth, so growing up I spent a lot of time in the dental chair in order to fix the gap. And as a lanky teenager, walking around with a missing tooth was the last thing I wanted! So the whole process really sparked my interest.

It was pretty incredible to me that fixing the gap could improve my confidence by so much. I went from smiling with my lips closed to absolutely beaming! So from there, I was set on wanting to be a Dentist.

Meet Dr. Lewis Ehrlich

I have understood the importance of oral health and the impact that it has on your general health pretty much my whole life. My father and uncle are both dentists and they founded Sydney Holistic Dental Centre in the early 1980s. Because of their influence and the way they practice dentistry, I guess there was always a chance that I would continue on the legacy. I also have a background in professional sport as well as strength and conditioning training so, even before I was a dentist I have always been interested in health and human performance. 

Meet Dr. Aovana Timmerman

My first job during my high school holidays as a dental assistant in a combined orthodontic and general practice clinic gave me great insight into the profession. I loved that dentistry was a combination of art and science and you can help others from a toothache to creating a beautiful smile. Besides, I could see that dentistry can lead to different career pathways.

Meet Dr Fiona Kelly

I was on holidays in New Zealand after year 12 exams and my uncle's nurse called in sick. He asked if I would come to the clinic and hold the sucker and that was it for me after one day. I rang my mum in Perth and had her change all my uni preferences from Japanese/economics to dentistry. Lucky I got in!

Meet Dr. Beth Irvin

During my school years I was really into the creative arts, biology and health subjects and these are what I did best and enjoyed the most.  I figured dentistry would be a great mix of these subjects as a career, so I did some work experience at a local community dental clinic.

Meet Dr. Anthony O'Rourke

My brother was at university having a great time studying dentistry, and I thought it was a great combination of science and using your hands. I love meeting interesting people, from all backgrounds, getting to know them, and helping them achieve their oral health goals.

Meet Dr. James Bartalotta

Throughout school I was always interested in health sciences, and have always enjoyed helping people. Dentistry always seemed like a good fit for me, but it was only when I got into studying dentistry at university and then treating patients that I understood how versatile and complex the practice of dentistry is, and how much there is to learn and grow within the profession. Since graduating I have not stopped learning and evolving. 

Meet Dr. Matthew Woliansky

I’ve always loved working with people and working with my hands. I was artistic as a child and loved sciences as well. Dentistry allowed me to work with people and their health while still doing something pretty creative. I’ve always felt it is an amazing combination of art and science.

Meet The Dentist: Stacey Aust

Call me crazy but for as long as I can remember I have always seeked enjoyment from a visit to the dentist. From the clinical smell to the sounds of the drills, I just find it super relaxing. I also definitely love seeing the instant confident boost our clients receive. Sadly, 55% of Australian adults have an insecurity about their teeth, so being able to help increase their self-esteem is extremely rewarding. 

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