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Why choose Gem’s picks over store-bought floss brands?

  • 2 min read

Why choose Gem’s picks over store-bought floss brands?

A few perks of flossing with the best.

Finessing Gem’s floss picks has been one of our biggest achievements yet. You see, the floss market has been something often overlooked when considering eco-friendly, compact, cute and efficacious teeth-cleaners without costing the earth (literally). Our eco floss picks have been lovingly crafted to be 100% vegan, 98% biodegradable and will help you reach that 40% of your tooth’s surface your brush can't reach. We like those statistics, and think the conscious Gem shopper will, too.

Biodegradability: check!

Not just aeshtetically pleasing, Gem’s floss picks pack comes with 30 clever cleaning picks that were made with biodegradability and quality at front of mind. Basically,our floss handle is made from PLA-derived corn and can be commercially composted (usually within 3-6 months). To dispose of our floss picks once they’ve cleaned your pearly whites, simply remove the floss thread from the handle and discard it along with your standard household rubbish. Pro tip: we suggest using scissors to cut it off before throwing away.

Made vegan, with love

We have a strict ethics code when it comes to producing oral care that care for much more than your teeth. These floss picks were ethically developed, with a zero-tolerance approach to animal testing, and free from any animal products. In fact, all Gem products are made free of the ‘Nasty Nine’, including parabens, triclosan, SLS and BS. 

Perfectly portable

Our peachy tin is the ultimate on-the-go storage vault for small essentials. Keeping our packaging versatile, sustainable and travel-friendly is paramount to us. Gem encourages you to get creative with reuse, transforming this vessel into a compact trove for easy-to-forget but very-important things. Insert: tampons, bobby pins, hair bands, medication, emergency safety pins and more right here. 

Ready for routine

An integral consideration of our floss picks was how to make the typically mundane and arduous task of flossing simple and efficacious for daily rituals. It needed to become an unmissable step of our Gem community’s oral care routine, for your best smile days yet. We’ve made flossing less of a chore, more of a simple self-care step. Why? Because skipping flossing works to remove bacteria, plaque and food from between your precious teeth, and thus reduces the chance of developing unwanted tooth decay or gum disease. 

Well-handled flossing

How often do you reject the idea of flossing because of the effort it requires? Ripping off a piece of floss from a packet and awkwardly angling the thread with your fingers can feel like a barrier to showing your teeth the love they deserve. That’s why Gem’s floss picks needed to be a joy to use — with a grooved, easy-hold handle and a tight string of floss ready to be used upon opening your portable peachy tin. Finally, flossing is a vibe.