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10 Easy Ways to Make a Better Impact and Live a Sustainable Life

  • 4 min read

10 Easy Ways to Make a Better Impact and Live a Sustainable Life

Earth Day is on its way! The team at Gem love to celebrate this day on April 22nd by committing to make small changes to our everyday lives that can make a big difference. The way we see it, being environmentally friendly doesn’t necessarily mean you are living without luxuries. Instead, it means being conscious of your consumption and reducing avoidable waste. We have compiled a list of 10 of our favourite ways to stay sustainable and get a double hit of feeling fabulous! After all, doing the right things feels pretty terrific. So have a read and see if you can join us in implementing these small but mighty steps.

Fressko – Camino Cup

Sleek, sexy and sustainable – what more could you want? Fressko’s Camino Cup is a chemical-free, lightweight and insulated stainless steel reusable coffee cup everybody and their dog needs. The Camino Cup not only eliminates the need for single use paper and plastic during your morning coffee run, it is vacuum sealed and contains spill proof lockable lids with barista lines for added guidance. There is literally no reason on earth to not purchase this bad boy.

Single Use Ain’t Sexy - Hand Soap Starter Pack

We at Gem love the Hand Soap starter pack as these tiny soap tablets remind us of our own toothpaste bites, except you shouldn’t put them in your mouth. It is honestly as easy as one two three – just fill the reusable pump bottle with water, drop in the tablet and pump out that soapy goodness. It works just as well as regular soap except you can reuse the bottle, purchase more tablets and not be a tosser (get it?!)

Johnny - Condoms

Sex but make it sustainable. Jonny Condoms are vegan, biodegradable and here for a good time. They even come with a biodegradable throwaway bag by FabLittleBag so you can throw away those swimmers sustainably. 

Who Gives A Crap toilet paper – 100% Bamboo and recycled Toilet Paper

You should give a crap about who gives a crap. These guys produce 100% bamboo and recycled toilet paper AND donate 50% of profits to help build toilets in developing countries. There’s a lot to say about the negative effects that single use paper has on the environment, and toilet paper is one of them (we hope). So why not do good for the planet, and your bum! 

Sllo – Remi Bag 

Sllo is a Melbourne based slow fashion brand who creates handbags out of recycled plastic, and they’re actually really cool. The Remi bag is made out of rPET – recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is an emerging sustainable material that breaks down and melts plastic bottles to turn into yarn. It is beyond us how that is possible, but what is possible is that you can help sllo down fast fashion and do so looking fine.

Tom Organic – Period Briefs

Tom Organic’s range of Period Briefs are a game changer. We sure didn’t realise the drastic effects that single use pads and tampons had on the environment until we switched to period briefs. Made from breathable and soft organic cotton which can easily be thrown in the wash, rinsed and repeated, these reusable undies are the real deal. Single-use menstrual care who?

The Dirt Company – Starter Pack

Get down and dirty with the Dirt Company. These guys make sustainable household products that work, and don’t break the bank. Eliminate single use plastic with their Starter Pack – including a reusable drop protected glass bottle and refill laundry detergent, start cleaning your clothes and the earth simultaneously!

Gem – Sustainable Toothpaste Bites

Kill 2 birds with one stone with our Gem toothpaste bites. Not only are they better for the planet but too your oral microbiome. Free of the toxic ten, including parabens, triclosan, SLS and BS- our bites also fight against single use plastic, still giving the same effect as normal tubed toothpaste. Just buy, bite and brush knowing you cleaned your teeth and the planet at the same time.

It’s All Fluff – Refillable cosmetics

They call it “the Refill Revolution”. It’s All Fluff create a range of vegan, cruelty and palm-oil free makeup and skincare products that are both good for you and the earth. Operating under a refill model to reduce waste, products are originally sold in a gorgeous, organically shaped stainless-steel pan (recyclable!) with the option to refill as you use. Purchasing refills means you’ll be saving money AND saving the planet – one lip oil at a time.

Saying NO to fast fashion

Us Gem girls love an excuse to dress up and go out but also see the negative effects the fast fashion industry has. Slow down your fast fashion consumption is by shopping second hand or renting. Sites like Depop, Etsy and Marketplace allow you to re-home your old clothes and purchase someone else’s to give that garment a brand-new story.

Got an event and don’t want to splurge on a new outfit that will be worn once? Then rental sites are your go to. @rentthatdesigner on Instagram stocks some of the latest and trendiest outfits at a fraction of the cost. So instead of splurging on something that will cobweb in your cupboard, rent a dress for your next event.