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Meet The Dentist: James Bartalotta

  • 2 min read

Meet The Dentist: James Bartalotta

What got you into dentistry?

Throughout school I was always interested in health sciences, and have always enjoyed helping people. Dentistry always seemed like a good fit for me, but it was only when I got into studying dentistry at university and then treating patients that I understood how versatile and complex the practice of dentistry is, and how much there is to learn and grow within the profession. Since graduating I have not stopped learning and evolving.  

What do you love most about your job?

My career allows me to meet and connect with new people everyday and network that create lasting relationships. When patients trust you with one of their most important assets - their smile - it makes you really admire the industry we are in. One thing I learnt during the covid-19 harsh lockdown in Melbourne is how much I truly appreciate the work I do for my patients, when I could only see them virtually for months, I couldn’t wait to get back into the clinic to just see them in person. 

What’s something you like to ponder when brushing your teeth?

In the mornings - I’m usually still half asleep when I’m brushing in the morning, so not too much.

At night - I’m thinking about what Netflix show I’m going to watch for 2 minutes then fall straight asleep when I jump into bed. 

What one thing do want everyone to know about taking care of their mouth?

Invest in your oral hygiene and keep your mouth healthy. Oral disease is preventable, you only get One set of adult teeth in your lifetime, so spend a little bit of time looking after them and they will look after you.

Why does the oral microbiome matter?

Just like the gut micro biome, the oral micro biome plays an important role in not only oral health but also systemic health and well being. With a poor oral micro biome directly causing oral conditions like gum disease and tooth decay, it is also linked to systemic health issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You can help keep you oral micro biome healthy with a good diet, twice daily brushing and flossing and 6 monthly checkups.

How do you think dentistry is evolving?

Digital technology and social media in my opinion are the 2 most exciting aspect of dentistry that are rapidly evolving. With social media giving dentists the ability to better communicate  with patients, and ability for patients to find a dentist who best suits their needs. Digital technology (scanners, 3D xrays, cad/cam technology) allows dentists to be more precise in their diagnosis and treatments thus allowing us to provide better care for our patients.

Describe the clinic of your dreams…

A clinic that incorporates both dento-facial treatments which is what I am currently trying to build with @andaesthetics. A clinic that makes you feel both comfort and confident knowing you’re taking care of all your dental and facial-aesthetic needs in the right place.